Weekend Essentials: Digize

The Young Living essential oil starter kit comes with 11 essential oils. Digize, one of the amazing oils included in the kit, has since been a lifesaver. A few weeks back Sal and I went to a wedding, from the champagne during the ceremony and the tables upon tables of food at cocktail hour, to dinner and dessert brought to our table, and the open bar, we were stuffed to the max. Not only was I stuffed, but I was consuming food I don't normally eat, in huge portions. I was also taking shots and having sweet mixed drinks that night.


I had a great time, and I'm glad I was able to enjoy myself and all the wedding had to offer, but I'm not going to lie, I felt like CRAP the next day. My head was fine, so no hangover in that sense, but my stomach was doing somersaults. My stomach is used to tons of water, and light, lean protein, veggies, fruits, and all things that make my body feel like it's running incredibly. Everything I put into it the night before sent my stomach into a sort of shock. I bet if it could it would jump out of my body and hit me for not taking care of it better. Not only did I fill it with tons of food and alcohol, but I don't think I had even a sip of water! 

Instead of staying curled up on the couch, like I wanted to do, Sal and I chose to head to the lake, but not before I opened up my Happy Oiler handbook, and my essential oil kit! I also searched the Happy Oiler Discussion group of Facebook for something that would help ease my stomach. That's when I found it ... Digize. It was like the oil was sent from above, at exactly the right moment. 


 Digize is an essential oil that supports the digestive system. It's best known to support digestion, but it has also helped to alleviate nausea, and help you "stay regular." Not only that but it helps support the immune system! (This can be used whenever you have an upset stomach, not just after a night of drinking!) I quickly grabbed my fractionated coconut oil, pumped a little in my hand, and after adding one drop of Digize, gently rubbed it on my stomach. While the smell was not the greatest, the feeling I felt soon after, surprised me. It was almost instant relief. My stomach no longer felt like it was in the olympics. I sipped on water while we drove up to the lake and felt back to my normal self once we got there. It was a miracle, and then again, it wasn't, because essential oils are one of mankind's first means of wellness. Needless to say, I'll be bringing this with me on our vacation in a few weeks! 

Want to grab your own kit? Interested in one or two oils? Click here OR shoot me an email - kristynnicole1@gmail.com