My Home Gym - Details

When Sal and I started looking for home early last year, I made it known that it was super important to me to be able to have a room or garage that would be dedicated as my workout room. We saw many... many houses. I don't even think I could remember what they all looked like even if I tried. When we finally decided on THE ONE, I knew immediately which room would be dedicated as my workout room. It was pretty spacious, and was right off the kitchen, which would be perfect for when I needed to quickly devour my protein shakes. There's a ton of light coming in from the big bay window, as well as the window in the front of the house, and door. Having the private entrance will be perfect when I start seeing clients in my own home! 

We left the paint as is, and the beautiful hardwood floors, but added mats over them, as well as a rug by the door. The two things we haven't done yet is add mirrors to the back wall, and change the fan/lighting. I'd love track lighting along the back wall too. While the room is very bright during the day, it gets dark real quick at night, and the light in the middle of the room isn't as bright as I'd like it to be. Other than lights and mirrors, the room is pretty much complete, and I'm absolutely in love. I spend at least an hour in there a day, and I'm positive I'll be in there more now recording workout videos, and thinking up new ideas for the blog. 

Welcome to my HOME GYM! 

So when you walk down the one step to the room, and look to the right, you'll see my treadmill, along with the TV, speakers, and a motivational frame with pictures hung! The treadmill was given to me by my mom (THANK YOU MOM!). If not for her, I would have been checking craigslist or the marketplace on Facebook. I feel like a lot of people are always buying them, but then they sit there or end up as a dryer for clean laundry. I have used mine a ton, running many miles on it while marathon training, and just hopping on it when the weather isn't so nice outside for a quick sweat! The Elements TV was my old TV from my childhood bedroom, the Phillips speakers were a gift from Sal, and I also have an old Memorex DVD player hooked up to play workout DVDs. I usually hook my phone up to the bluetooth speakers to blast some good music to get my through my workouts. 


If you turn to the left, when you walk in, you'll see a corner filled with my medals from all of my races and workout equipment. I made the medal rack using a wooden board, chalkboard paint, tiny hooks, and a metal string, all from Michaels. I'll do a blog post this week on how you can create your own! 

I decided to hang my resistance bands and loops on a hook rack, inspired by an idea I saw on Pinterest. I grabbed the inexpensive hook rack below at Target! See that metal basket on the floor with my yoga mat and foam roller in it? I bought that at Target too. I also threw my ladder in the bucket too. On either side you'll notice some orange cones that I've used in bootcamp drills, and my beloved BOSU that I just love using in workouts to work my stability. 


On the same wall, underneath the big bay window, I have my weight rack, that I just actually snagged for real cheap on Amazon Prime Day! I didn't even realize I had Amazon Prime until I got the email inviting me to Amazon Prime Day, and I am so glad I did! It was originally 199.90, with free shipping, but on Amazon Prime Day, it was on sale for $149.92, I then used some rewards points from my credit card that transfer dollar for dollar, and I ended up only paying $114.60! It was a steal! Next to the rack are two kettle bells - the smaller one I picked up from Amazon, and the bigger one is from Target, but I found the same one online at Bed Bath and Beyond (hey 20 coupons!).


If you're noticing a theme, it's because almost everything in the room is black, grey, white or blue. On top of the window I recently added a basket I got from Target to hold my little items, including DVDs,  running essentials, old school CDs, and even small paper plates for core work. Shout out to Tone It Up. Notice the bright light!? This picture was taken at 4 in the afternoon too! 


I have my phone holder set up to document some workout videos, as well as my tablet stand to watch workout videos on the internet. The phone stand I grabbed at CVS over the summer, and the tablet stand Sal got for cheap, I believe on Amazon. 


Right next to the window, in the corner of the room is our heavy bag. Shout out to kickboxing workouts for giving us a total body workout! This was one of the first things Sal bought me, knowing one day it'd be in our gym. It sat in my parents basement for awhile, because there was nowhere to put it, but now it's got a special place right in our home gym. You'll also notice a stability ball, because if you didn't realize already, stability and balance workouts are SO important, as well as a medicine ball! Both of those I think I grabbed from Target. I try to get good equipment, but I know it can cost a fortune, so I watch for prices, and usually have coupons! 


Finally, the last little section has a bench, and some extra weights Sal and I have collected over the years. The bench was, again, from my mom, who was not using it. I so appreciate being able to take it, instead of spending money on one. While the color doesn't match entirely, it does play off the blues and greys in a way that doesn't make everything so matchy, matchy. 


If you have any questions about where certain things are from that I didn't link, let me know!