Sunday Runday: Run to the Kettlebell Workout

This morning I woke up with a desire to workout, actually to get specific, I wanted to run. I was inspired after my brunch date the day before with my workout friend... she told me she had plans to run 10 miles outside, and so I got the running bug again. This hasn't happened in awhile, so I listened to my body, and my heart, and got dressed in workout clothes. I walked down the hallway to our home gym, and started the treadmill, but as soon as I got started running, I didn't want to run the three miles I set out in my head. I wanted to make it harder. I picked out my Pandora 2000s playlist, and turned up the volume as loud as it would go. I hopped off the treadmill as soon as I hit half a mile, and did 4 kettle bell moves, 10 reps each. It was enough to get my muscles moving in a different way, and enough to throw off my controlled runner's breathing that I thank yoga for. Goblet squats, swings, high pulls, and russian twists, all with my kettle bell. It's funny though, I have a 25lb kettle bell, and all it took was one swing to realize I need to get a heavier one... maybe 35lbs! 

I ran at half mile increments until I reached 3 miles. I was sweating, my cheeks were rosy, and my breathing was labored, but I did it, and even reached an 8:34 mile pace! Things are looking brighter for the end of 2017, and I hope to kick off 2018 in a big way! 

If you want to change up your treadmill runs, or try this workout outside, it's posted below for you! Remember to listen to your body... when it calls for movement, MOVE.