Weekly Workout RoundUp : February 13-19

When you let fear control you, you stand still. When you look fear in the eyes, and don't back down from it, realizing you are scared, but you're going to do it anyways. That's when you realize you're stronger than you even knew. You can be scared, and still go after your dreams or goals. Heck I was, before I quit my full time job to pursue personal training full time... I was even scared when I signed up for the Spartan sprint, and my half marathon, I was even scared when I lined up at the starting lines, but guess what? I did all those things despite fear. Because if I let fear take over, I wouldn't have accomplished anything, and I'd be living the most content life, never really knowing if I could do anything at all. Living isn't meant to be done in one place. It's meant to be complicated, messy, and full of new adventures and trying new things. 

I tell you all this to tell you, when I finished my half marathon in 2015, I vowed at the finish line that I would never run a full marathon, and this week, I will be signing up for one in October. I am scared out of my mind to run 26.2 miles, especially having only completed my first run since before the Spartan Race I trained for last summer. But if I don't do it now, with my friend Sarah motivating the heck out of me, I know I won't ever do it, and I don't want to be old and look back on this one day with regret. In fact, that's why I do most of what I do now, I don't want to ever look back and think, " you should not have let fear win, Kristyn." Because that's not a life I want to live. 

This past week I completed most of the workouts I set out for myself, especially my first run of the year, and I'm pumped to have this accountability for myself. If I write it down, I MUST do it, or I let myself down. It's especially important for me to keep my workouts consistent and difficult, because I am sweating for the wedding, ya know whenever that may be! So here was my scheduled workouts 

Monday - CKO Kickboxing, W1D3 LG Core + Roll, 
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing
Wednesday - W1D4 S+C Upper Body
Thursday - W1D5 S+S Glutes, Shoulders, Abs
Friday - CKO Strength Class
Saturday - W1D6 Walk/Stretch
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing 

If you have been following my Get Fit with Kristyn Instagram page, you know what workouts I've done this week, but I'll elaborate here! I ended up working out 5 out of 7 days. So I skipped two days of workouts I had scheduled, but it wasn't because I was being lazy. I was sore, and exhausted, and knew I needed to listen to my body and give it a rest. So here's what my workout week looked like. 

Monday - CKO Kickboxing // Taught 3 classes
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing // Taught 3 classes
Wednesday - Rest // Started personal training 2 clients & taught 2 classes
Thursday - LG Sisters Get Strong W1D5 S+S Flutes, Shoulders & Abs // Taught 1 class
Friday - CKO 45 minute Strength Class // Taught 1 class
Saturday - 5K Run outside // Pace - 8:58 + 27:49 minutes
Sunday - Rest

I'm still sore from my run on Saturday. But I LOVE feeling sore. It let's me know that I've pushed my body in ways that it hasn't been pushed in awhile, and it makes me feel strong, knowing that I'm finding new ways to strengthen my body. 

I just got a treadmill in my home gym, and I will be making sure I get in at least a run or two this week, whether it's outside by my beautiful lake, or in my home gym. Once I have a few things put up in my gym, I will be doing a little tour on the blog so be prepared for that! In the mean time here's my workout schedule for the week:

Monday - CKO Kickboxing + LG Sisters Get Strong W1D3 Core / Roll / Stretch
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing
Wednesday - LG Sisters Get Strong W1D4 S + C Upper Body
Thursday - LG Sisters Get Strong W2D1 S + S Legs, Glutes, + Calves OR Run
Friday - CKO Strength Class
Saturday - Run + LG Sisters Get Strong W2D3 Core + Stretch
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing Class 

Combining my workouts with healthy eating will get me stronger, and healthier each day. Sal and I just stocked our fridge, and we purchased a slow cooker to help us not cook TOO late by the time I get home from the gym at around 10:30PM. I'm excited, and if you have any recipe suggestions, feel free to comment below.

What workouts are on your schedule for this week?