Running Essentials

The weather has been absolutely beautiful on the days I have had off, so I didn't hesitate to switch up my training plan that I set for myself, and add in two runs this past week. One run on Saturday, and one on Thursday. They were both around 3 miles, with a pace of under 9 minutes a mile, which isn't terrible for not having run since last summer. Since I'm about to click 'Register' and sign up for a marathon, I know I need to start running every week, even though the race isn't until October. I want to be running way before I start the actual marathon training plan. Even if it's only 2-3 miles each run, my body will soon get used to that, and I can add on more miles to really be prepared for this race of a lifetime. 

There are five things I must have with me during every run. 

1. Verizon LG Tone Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset
- I NEED to listen to music while I run, because when I can hear my breathing, it throws me off. Yes, I focus on my breathing while running, but if I can hear it, there's an issue. I connect these headphones to my phone, and I can listen to music, as well as the lady cheering me on in the Nike Run app, and letting me know what mile I'm at, as well as my pace. The headset sits around your neck, and can be easily tucked into your shirt. The buds fit great in my ears, and they rarely, if ever, pop out. I'm able to control the volume from the headset as well, so I never have to look at my phone and have to worry about it accidentally flying out of my hands while I run. I think I have an older version of these, but they're AMAZING, and I would recommend them to anyone. They're not too pricy either! 

2. iPhone
- Of course, I need my phone so I can play a killer playlist and track my run in the Nike Run App. It also connects to my CKO gym app, which lets me track my workouts everyday. 

3. Flip Belt 
- I bought a belt the night before my half marathon. My running partner and friend had attended the fitness expo where you grab your bib and all the freebies, and I saw a stand there with belts to hold your phone, keys, etc. I was just going to use an armband, but was worrying about how awfully annoying it is. If you've ever run with one, you know. Having one arm being heavier than the other, and constantly adjusting it would have brought my time down, and would have made me want to throw it into the road, so I invested in a belt. I cannot remember the name of it, but there are many brands out there now! If you type in running belt on Amazon, a ton come up, plus there's always the Flip Belt. My belt fits around my waist wonderfully and does not move. I never have to adjust it during my run. It fits my phone, and a key for my house. During longer runs, and on marathon race day I'll probably throw some food and snacks in there to power me through the long race.

4. Running Shoes
- I ran my half marathon in Nikes, but I have been using Asics ever since. I need to buy a new pair of shoes to really start training in and break in before race day so I'm going to go to the running store and be fitted [more on that in a future post]! It's extremely important to have a good pair of shoes to run in so you're not more prone to injury! 

5. Water
- This may shock you, but I never carry a water bottle with me. I leave it on the porch of my house and don't drink water till the end. During the half marathon, I MAYBE had a few sips of water. It was mainly to swish around my mouth, and take small sips of. I don't like drinking water while I run, not only do I hate it swishing around my body, but it makes me cramp sometimes. So while hydrating is super important, and I always have a water bottle nearby, I never usually drink it until the end. 



What are your top 5 running essentials !?