Weekly Workout RoundUp: February 20-26

With the weather getting nicer, and my schedule becoming easier to manage, I've been able to find time to workout, to focus on myself, and squeeze in different types of workouts during the week. I'm getting better at listening to my body too... most people will push through any exhaustion they have or soreness, and workout, just to say they worked out 6 or 7 days a week. As for me though, even though I wrote down that I wanted to workout 7 days a week, I took a day to rest almost in the middle of the week - Thursday. With teaching as many classes as I do, training 2 clients, and getting my own workouts in, I know how important rest days are. I will now be designating Wednesdays OR Thursdays as my rest day, so in the middle of the day I will practice self care, pick up a book and relax on the couch, blog, go for a walk to the lake, or just stretch out. I'm also trying to focus more on making and eating more whole foods, and those foods that not only fuel my body, but make me happy. 

Here was my workout schedule that I had planned:

Monday - CKO Kickboxing + LG Sisters Get Strong W1D3 Core / Roll / Stretch
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing
Wednesday - LG Sisters Get Strong W1D4 S + C Upper Body
Thursday - LG Sisters Get Strong W2D1 S + S Legs, Glutes, + Calves OR Run
Friday - CKO Strength Class
Saturday - Run + LG Sisters Get Strong W2D3 Core + Stretch
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing Class 

Here's what really happened - I ended up working out 6 out of the 7 days of the week, but I did not follow the exact schedule I had written down, but I'm not stressing about that, because I WORKED OUT, and that's what matters. I made it a point to do something, and move my body. 

Monday - CKO Kickboxing + Taught 3 classes
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing + Taught 2 classes
Wednesday - 3 mile Run + TIU 5 minute No Crunch Ab Workout + W1D3 Core + Taught 3 classes
Thursday - Walked 3.5 miles to the lake + Taught 1 class
Friday - CKO SGT 45 min Strength Class - Partner Workout + Taught 1 class
Saturday - Walked around Hoboken + to lunch
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing

So my rest days, turned out to be days that I spent walking by myself to the lake, or with a friend in her new town. So they were more like active rest days, but I enjoyed them so much. They were therapeutic, relaxing, and yet I was still moving my body, instead of laying around on the couch. My one run was definitely easier to get through than last week, and if I can continue to get in 1-2 runs these next couple weeks, it'll be a lot easier to start my training program for the MARATHON!

When you find a workout you love, it's okay to switch it up every now and then. You don't have to do the same thing week in and week out. That's why I've been combining new things lately, whether it's going on walks or runs, lifting weights, kickboxing, yoga, and even toning workouts still. I don't think you should be stuck doing the same workout or program every week. It's fun to switch it up, especially when you think your body is getting too used to doing one type of exercise. 

I also think it's important to switch up your eating, while eating healthy foods seems to be boring, it doesn't have to be at all! Plus you also don't have to have the same thing every single day! If you like to do that then fine, but by all means SWITCH IT UP! This week Sal and I were able to experiment with our new slow cooker, and started talking about possibly creating a cookbook together, with recipes that are easy to make, especially for two people, with plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day. We know it's important to eat healthy, regardless of whether you're eating at 11PM like us, and it's important to make something quick, so you're eating before the clock strikes midnight. We also like to make sure there is enough for both, or at least one of us to have it for lunch the next day! We are definitely not wasting any food in this house! 

I'm also huge on devouring protein smoothies filled with all the whole foods and ingredients! They're quick and easy, and perfect for my busy lifestyle! It's so important to eat or drink protein after a sweat session, and protein shakes are the easiest and quickest way to get protein in the body! I love trying different fruit combinations, adding protein powder [my favorites coming in a future post], flax seeds, chia seeds, spinach or kale, almond milk, greek yogurt, and even oats! There are endless possibilities, and you can even make them for multiple days! I actually made one the size of my head the other day for lunch! 

As for this week, I will continue to eat healthy, and get my workouts in!

Here's my schedule for the week! 

Monday - CKO Kickboxing
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing
Wednesday - Run OR W1D4 S+C Upper Body strength training
Thursday - Rest / Walk
Friday - 45 min SGT at CKO
Saturday - Run OR W2D1 S+S Legs, Glutes, and Calves
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing or Yoga


|| What's on your workout schedule !? //