If You Hadn't Heard...

I quit my job. My full time job, with decent pay, and great benefits, to pursue my dreams in the fitness world. Instead of working 10-630, including every single weekend, I will be teaching kickboxing at night during the week, and making my own schedule up during the day to pursue personal training. I'm jumping into the unknown. I have literally flipped my entire life upside down. Gone are the long days of commuting and working my weekends away, but gone too is the pay and benefits, until I establish myself. Surprisingly, I'm less worried and anxious than I have been in months. Not only do I feel more grounded, but I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing. There has not been an ounce of regret in my body, my mind and heart have known and continue to realize that this is the road I'm meant to travel on. If you never take a risk, you're never going to know all that you are truly capable of. 

I will also be given the time to focus on my Young Living Essential Oil business, which ties into the whole body health and wellness route that I'm on, for not only myself, but for every single person around me as well from family to friends, and even strangers! I love talking about how oils can help our bodies and minds. They are absolutely incredible drops of life. 


I'll have more time to focus on me and my happiness as well. These past few months, since our big move, I haven't been taking care of myself the way I have in the past. When I was training for my half marathon, I swear I was never in better shape, both mentally and physically. I was following a training plan - running, incorporating strength training, and cardio kickboxing as well. I was stronger, and happier than I had ever been, even when I was training for the Spartan race over the summer, I was in better shape than I am now, doing Spartan races, running, and strength training. Now that I have the time, I'm going to be starting up a new strength training program, run more often, and continue kickboxing, as well as attend yoga, weekly, with my mom. While I've been eating better, I'm excited to see this new transformation of myself. It starts inward. I cannot try and help people become their best selves, if I don't think I'm there. 


I'm ready for this next challenge in my life.
I'm already feeling so much better and this is only week 1.