Weekly Workout RoundUp x2: March 13th - 26th

This past week Sal and I went away for a few days to look at a wedding venue, so that's why I wasn't able to blog about my weekly workouts, and why this week in particular, I may have fallen off the workout wagon if there is such a thing. I jumped right back into my workouts when I got home from our little getaway though so that counts for something right?

Here's what I planned to do the week of March 13th - 19th:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - HIIT OR LG Sisters Get Strong W2D1 Legs, Glutes & Calves
Wednesday - CKO Strength Class
Thursday - Run / HIIT
Friday - CKO Strength Class
Saturday - RUN / HIIT
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing

Here's what I actually did:

Monday - Rest Day + Teach 4 classes
Tuesday - Shovel / Burpees in the Snow
Wednesday - CKO Strength Class + Teach 4 classes
Thursday - Rest Day + Teach 3 classes
Friday - CKO Strength Class + Teach 1 class + PT
Saturday - Aerial Yoga
Sunday - Rest Day

I ended up taking more rest days than I wanted to, but that's because my body NEEDED it. I was so sore, and I knew that in order to get through the strength class I had planned for the next day, I needed to let my body rest and recover. The strength classes weren't just your average strength classes either. No, they were birthday strength classes. My boss, the trainer who taught those strength classes turned the big 4-0, and made sure we knew it. The classes were insane, and looking back on them now, I'm shocked I made it through. Okay, not shocked, but just surprised... it's like you know you're strong, but you don't know how strong until you get through workouts like those. 

I also tried Aerial Yoga for the first time with my friend Olivea, and I was amazed to see how hard it was. I've tried Yoga before, different kinds in fact, but I have never tried Aerial Yoga. It's mostly upper body strength, and at that point my shoulders and triceps were dead, but I tried my best, and I was able to get a few moves down. One I was not even going to attempt though after seeing some girl fall down and almost crack her head open. No thanks... Maybe next time. It was fun though, and we were able to snap a few pictures of us in the air. It was so much fun, and the teacher was fantastic, cursing a little bit, and making us first timers feel at ease! 

How could I not mention the SNURPEES?! Have you ever tried doing burpees in the snow? My first suggestion, if you have A LOT of snow, make yourself a little circle... shovel the snow and move it away from your face or else you'll end up looking like this first video, instead of the second. 



I did not plan out any workouts for the week of March 20th - 26th. We would be leaving that Monday for NY to check out a wedding venue and would not get back until Wednesday. I did bring my workout clothes because I knew the hotel might have a gym, but the gym was smaller than my own home gym, and I found myself drinking more and more wine each day at the wine tastings we went to, and I had less and less desire to actually workout. Sal did test out the treadmill while we were there, but we know that's never a good idea with alcohol. 

When we got back, I cleaned a bit on Thursday, which definitely counts as a workout right? But then I got right back to the gym on Friday and completed a killer workout that consisted on abs, total body, and a WOD with running - hey marathon training! What's up?!

Saturday I did my own workout at home, and did an interval run on the treadmill, plus foam rolling.

Sunday I started my day off the right way at CKO, where I did a crazy cardio class with Sal that consisted of crazy amounts of push ups, squats, and enough cardio where I sweat like I've never sweat before. My shirt was literally soaking wet. 

As for the upcoming week, I'm ready to up my game again, including more runs, even if they're on the dreaded treadmill, more strength workouts, and more Tone It Up daily workouts, so I really utilize each and every second in the best way possible. Plus I'll be sharing more workouts, recipes, and healthy tips. SPRING IS HERE & SUMMER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. 

Planned Workouts for March 27th - April 2nd

Monday - CKO Kickboxing class
Tuesday - Run / LG Sisters Get Strong Workout
Wednesday - CKO Strength class
Thursday - Run / LG Sisters Get Strong Workout
Friday - CKO Strength class
Saturday - Run / LG Sisters Get Strong Workout
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing class

What workouts are you hoping to crush this week?