Fit in March Weekend 1

What do you get when you add a workout + a fun new experience?
Uhhh.... the first weekend in Fit in March with Kristyn! 


3/4/17 - Saturday :: Today's challenge is to complete the workout below.

I created a workout for you to be done for time. Complete 4 rounds of both HIIT + Strength Portions together, and then leave a comment telling me how long it took you. I will be doing it as well, so there are no excuses. If your trainer does it, so should you! Use dumbbells for the strength if you have them, but if not, you can certainly do this workout with just your body weight. A video will be posted on both my Get Fit with Kristyn Facebook and Instagram pages if you are unsure of how to do any of the moves. Once you complete it, refuel your body, especially your muscles with protein - whether that means a protein shake, or a lunch filled with lean protein like chicken! 

3/5/17 - Sunday :: Grab a friend & try something new!