Weekly Workout RoundUp: February 27-March 5

You know how they say when you write things down, you're putting it out into the world, and you're more likely to do it, or the universe sets it up so you get it done, well that's exactly why I write these workouts down every week, because I'm way more likely to actually complete them. I literally have no excuses why I shouldn't be getting them done, and once they're written down, it's like a contract I signed and need to do OR ELSE! I not only write my workouts down for everyone to see here, but I also write them down in my planner... yes I still love my paper and pen!

Here was my workout schedule for last week:

Monday - CKO Kickboxing
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing
Wednesday - Run OR W1D4 S+C Upper Body strength training
Thursday - Rest / Walk
Friday - 45 min SGT at CKO
Saturday - Run OR W2D1 S+S Legs, Glutes, and Calves
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing or Yoga

For the most part, I did what I said I would do, but I still had to change up a couple of things depending on the day, and what my body felt like doing that day. 

Monday - CKO Kickboxing + Teach 3 classes
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing + Walk to the lake + Teach 2 classes
Wednesday - CKO Kickboxing Strength Class 45 min.  +  Teach 3 classes
Thursday - REST // Teach 1 class
Friday - CKO Kickboxing Strength Class 45 min. + Teach 1 class
Saturday - Interval Sprint Training on Treadmill + LG Sisters Get Strong W1D4 S+C Upper Body Strength Training
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing 

It seems like I did even more than I set out to do, but I still took a rest day for my body to recoup and relax. I know it seems like one rest day is not enough sometimes, but I don't confuse my being lazy, with rest. When my body is exhausted and my mind needs time to reset, I take that rest day, but if I'm on the couch, and would rather mindlessly scroll through Instagram, that's when I push myself to get up and get moving. Make the time for yourself and your health, because I know everyone has AT LEAST 15 minutes to move, and exercise. It doesn't even have to be strenuous if that's not your thing, it could literally mean a walk to the lake or to the local coffee shop. Stop using your car and start using those legs. Stop using those eyes to read the stupid chatter on Facebook, and start using them to look at exercise videos, and fitness classes. Stop using those hands to hold your phone, and start using them to hold your weights! Stop using your mind to make excuses, and start using it to make a difference! 

I was able to do all different types of workouts this past week, from my usual kickboxing classes, to walks to the lake, and weight training classes. Sal even came with me on the walk to the lake, and when we got there, he went fishing. If you remember what I said in the Fit in March Weekend Challenge, it's so much more fun when you have someone with you and you grab a friend to keep you accountable and join you in an adventure, or fitness class! 

I was also able to get in a workout at home, which proved to be much harder than I thought it would be. I originally wanted to run outside, but that proved impossible due to the wind, and cold air... okay, maybe not impossible, but something I did not want to do. So I headed to my home gym, and hopped on the treadmill with a 24 minute interval run [Walk - 4 mph // Jog+Recovery - 5 mph // Sprint - 9 mph]. I thought I was flying as I sprinted. Did I feel like quitting? Sure, maybe during that 1 minute sprint, but I didn't. I kept pushing myself, and felt so inspired afterwards, that I completed a weight training routine. See because when you do things you didn't think you could do, you feel on top of the world, and instead of just letting those feelings go, you must hold on to them, and ride them through! I devoured a protein shake after, and felt like I could do anything. 

If your hair looks good after a workout, you're doing it wrong. 

Aside from a few meals that weren't too healthy, I did my best to eat well. I find it much easier to eat well when I have my meals planned as well, and Sal and I are usually great with planning our dinner out, and I'm home for breakfast and lunch, so you won't find me eating fast food, ever. One night Sal and I even made homemade pulled pork in our new slow cooker [more on that in a future post], but we made homemade BBQ sauce, so we knew exactly what was in it. He also made sweet potato fries, with sweet potatoes right from the Farmer's Market, and I picked up fresh rolls from a local cafe (did I mention how much I love my town?). 

As for this upcoming week, I've got my workouts planned, and ready. 

Monday - CKO Kickboxing
Tuesday - CKO Kickboxing
Wednesday - CKO Strength Class
Thursday - Rest
Friday - CKO Strength Class
Saturday - Run + LG Sisters Get Strong W2D1 S+S Legs, Glutes & Calves
Sunday - CKO Kickboxing

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