I'm Running a WHAT?!



If you've been reading my weekly workout posts, I've mentioned it a couple of times, but I feel like it deserves its own post. 

After my half marathon, I immediately said I would never run a full marathon, I couldn't imagine doing that AGAIN. 13.1 miles in under 2 hours. My legs felt like they were going to give out on me, but I felt so unbelievably strong, and as I crossed that finish line, I knew I could do anything I set my mind to. I feel like we experience many moments like that in our life, and we have to take advantage of what we can do while we are young. I don't want to all of a sudden get the urge to run a marathon when I'm 60, though I hope I can still run when I am 60. So when my friends said we are doing a marathon, I signed up (not immediately, of course, but right before the price was about to go up). I'm easily peer pressured, what can I say. I'm glad that I'll have two beasts by my side during training, and the race, and even if we don't stick together, I'll have their words of encouragement, and my competitiveness burning through me, only forcing me even more not to quit. 

 I know that with the right training, and the right mindset, I can actually do this. Right now it seems like a long shot, I only just started running again after taking off since last summer, and by the time I run my marathon, I will have run my half marathon TWO years ago. I can barely run 3 miles right now without getting a stitch in my side, but I don't stop.

26.2 miles sounds absolutely insane, but I will push myself, at least to earn another sticker for my truck ;) Here's to a long road of training and an exceptional race.