Quick Pyramid Workout

Just because I can't workout, doesn't mean I can't create workouts for all of you! It has been difficult to hold myself back from working out. Even though I am still not feeling up to it, I hate sitting there at the gym, and watching everyone else get their workout in. Don't get me wrong, it's inspiring to watch, but it just reminds me that I can't workout. So here I am creating more blog content, workouts, and recipes. 

I hear people over and over again complain about having no time. One of the main reasons that people quit the gym, or maybe sign up and never go, is because they claim that they have no time. I know this is not true though, because people who are dealing with all sorts of situations from kids, families, and significant others, to working multiple jobs, dealing with long commutes, and having to take work home, oh and don't forget the house.. these people, they're making their health and wellness a priority, and they're getting their workouts in. I'm not saying they have hours to spend at the gym - but they take 20-30 minutes out of their day and MOVE, whether it's a walk around the block with their dog and baby, a quick 20 minute workout during nap time, or while their dinner is cooking in the oven, or even waking up a half hour earlier and getting a quick sweat in. I get that life is busy, trust me I've been there - working two jobs, with a two hour commute each day, and working weekends. I get it. If you want to live a healthier life though, you need to make the time. 

Below you'll find a quick pyramid workout that can be quickly done with no equipment! 

No excuses now! 

Comment below when you finish the workout, and let me know how long it took you!