5 Minute Ab Workout

I'm sure that I'm not the only one that is so busy, even in the summer, who barely has 5 minutes to workout. Now I know having no time is no excuse, but sometimes we're extremely short on time, and we don't have a spare minute to drive to the gym. So I've come up with a quick 5 minute ab workout you can do right before bed, or you can get done right when you wake up. Now I KNOW we all have at least 5 minutes, and if you don't even have 5 minutes to change your body - to feel better, be stronger, and get fit, then you need to reprioritize. This workout can be done with actual equipment, but if you're on vacation, use what you have - water bottles, a beach ball, ANYTHING similar to dumbbells and a medicine ball. You don't even have to use weights if you can't find anything. 

I've literally whipped out all the excuses you can throw at me. So do this workout every night, and let me know how you feel by the end of the week!