Recipe: Chocolate Covered Banana Pineapple Protein Shake

Yesterday I ran out of bananas. Okay it wasn't really yesterday.. I've been out for a few days now, but haven't needed them, so I figured I'd get them at the store whenever I could. 

Well, yesterday I needed them. I was trying to make a protein shake with some fruit. I usually add a banana to every shake I make, because the health benefits are insane ( and they just make shakes taste that much better, giving it the right consistency too. 

I quickly searched my freezer, and found chocolate covered banana slices from Trader Joe's, now I know I'm sure the added sugar from the chocolate doesn't help, BUT it tasted AMAZING. I snacked on one as I threw some ingredients into the blender. I chose to combine the banana slices with pineapple, and coconut chunks, using a base of milk and chocolate protein powder. 


It turned out so smooth and rich, I knew I needed to write down the recipe before I forgot it. I might just forget to buy fresh bananas more often now. It pushed me to complete my workout, and then got me through teaching two classes at the end of the night. 

Have you ever made a shake with chocolate covered banana slices? If not, do it. DO IT RIGHT NOW. 

chocolate covered banana pineapple.png