The Scale Doesn't Matter

I think we've all been obsessed with the scale at one point in our life or another. For me, it was right when I started working out seriously in the summer of 2012, right when I got back from DR. I worked out twice a day, for a total of 2-2.5 hours, and I would not touch food that wasn't healthy. It was a bit insane looking back on it. I would go on the scale every week or so, and always want the weight to be a certain number. I thought it was a healthy way of thinking and being, but it was not, I know that now. I quickly became burnt out, and experienced medical issues. I recognized with the help of my friends, family, and Sal, that this was no way to live... being glued to the scale, and not allowing myself time for my body to recover, and depriving my body of nutrients, and calories it needed. 

Over the past few years, I've been working on building my strength, and pushing my body and mind past different limits. I learned more about health, wellness, and fitness by getting my personal training certification, which would be the beginning of many more to come. I tried more weight lifting classes, and branched out of my comfort zone little by little. I ran my first Spartan race, completed a half marathon, a full marathon, and plenty of other races in between. This year, especially, I've been incorporating hot yoga into my weekly workout routine, experimenting in the kitchen, and trying out new foods, jam packed with nutrition, and falling in love with crossfit. Hot yoga and crossfit were two workouts that I didn't see myself doing ever. I was terrified of passing out in the hot yoga studio, and I didn't want to get injured at crossfit. Turns out, if you focus on your breathing and the pose or exercise you are currently doing (ya know instead of the million other things you could be thinking about) the chances of injury and fainting are far lower than you'd imagine. 

Since I started a new workout routine, I have been weighing myself on an Inbody machine every 2 weeks. And not for the reason you might think. To be honest, my weight has generally stayed the same from December 31st to now. Am I not seeing the changes I want? Absolutely not. I'm seeing changes in my body and mind. I can lift heavier weights than I've ever even tried to lift, I can hold poses in yoga that I could never have done before this, and I feel GREAT. I've lost almost 4% in body fat, and I've gained almost 3% in muscle mass. Say whatttttt. THAT is what matters. Your weight DOES NOT MATTER. Let me repeat that... that number on the scale means NOTHING. 


If you have been incorporating workouts into your weekly routine, and you're having fun doing them, and you're eating healthy foods that are nourishing and fueling your body to get you through each and every day with confidence, happiness, and love, then THAT is what matters. When you find yourself reaching for the 10s instead of the 5lb weights, when you slide into your jeans with ease, when you try on a shirt in the store in a size smaller than what you usually are, when you smile looking at yourself in the mirror.... that is what matters. That scale does not. Say it with me .... the number on the scale does not matter. 

Being healthy is a journey. You cannot just set a goal of losing weight, and expect to be done with it when you reach your goal. No... this needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Each and every moment of the day needs your positive energy, your strength, and confidence. Don't give up if you haven't reached your goals, reset your mind... set new goals, and go for those. And when you reach a goal... set a new one. Remember what matters.