Below you will find true testimonials from individuals who I have personally worked with in the gym. 


Sarah M. 

Never have I worked out with someone who pushes you more outside of your comfort zone to achieve things you never thought possible, all while being personable, motivating, fun and yes, even funny! Kristyn has made workouts that no one would ever want to do FUN and has made it so that any day you don't work out just isn't as good! You have to love what you're doing if you're going to stick with it and she will make sure that happens!


Lara H.

My goals when I started training with Kristyn were basically to just tone up my body, especially in the stomach area. I chose Kristyn as a personal trainer because I already knew she was a great teacher from taking her kickboxing classes. She engages really well with everyone in the class, and it made me want to train with her. We trained together for 6 weeks. My biggest obstacle on my journey was consistency, and Kristyn definitely helped with that. We trained twice a week and she was always available to talk to when I had questions about workouts and eating habits. My life is different now because I'm more consistent in my eating and workouts. I have not yet reached my ultimate goal, but I am a lot closer with Kristyn's help! She's easy to talk to and really motivating. I didn't seem to think there was anything Kristyn should change about her training, like I said she was super easy to talk to, fun to work with, and very motivating! 

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