Below you will find true testimonials from individuals who I have personally worked with in the gym. 


Sarah M. 

Never have I worked out with someone who pushes you more outside of your comfort zone to achieve things you never thought possible, all while being personable, motivating, fun and yes, even funny! Kristyn has made workouts that no one would ever want to do FUN and has made it so that any day you don't work out just isn't as good! You have to love what you're doing if you're going to stick with it and she will make sure that happens!


Lara H.

My goals when I started training with Kristyn were basically to just tone up my body, especially in the stomach area. I chose Kristyn as a personal trainer because I already knew she was a great teacher from taking her kickboxing classes. She engages really well with everyone in the class, and it made me want to train with her. We trained together for 6 weeks. My biggest obstacle on my journey was consistency, and Kristyn definitely helped with that. We trained twice a week and she was always available to talk to when I had questions about workouts and eating habits. My life is different now because I'm more consistent in my eating and workouts. I have not yet reached my ultimate goal, but I am a lot closer with Kristyn's help! She's easy to talk to and really motivating. I didn't seem to think there was anything Kristyn should change about her training, like I said she was super easy to talk to, fun to work with, and very motivating! 


Alexandra B., 26 Years Young

My main goal when starting my fitness journey was to challenge and push myself into the best shape of my life, and to me that meant becoming both mentally and physically fit. I am not a girl who is afraid of building some muscle, so that has also been a big personal goal of mine.

Kristyn and I used to work together at CKO Clifton Kickboxing, where I am now a member, what originally attracted me to her classes was honestly that she was a female trainer (which I tend to stick too), but what kept me coming back was her ability to always challenge and push me to and beyond my limits. She really knows how to work specific muscle groups and never fails to put together a completely different workout for each class, which always challenges my body in new ways. You never know what you’re going to get when you walk into the gym with her!

I have known Kristyn for approximately 3 years now and have been consistently, (on average 3-4x a week) taking her kickboxing and strength/circuit classes for the majority of those years. Throughout the years our co-worker relationship has turned into an amazing friendship, which I also believe has helped me tremendously in my fitness journey. I enjoy going to the gym each and every time knowing that my trainer/friend is going to push me and motivate me every step of the way. We have a great balance between having a fun time together, while still being serious about the workout, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Biggest obstacle? The biggest obstacle I face would be getting myself to the gym while I am at a busy time during a semester. I am a full-time student with aspirations of being in the medical field so between crazy schedules, and even crazier work loads it isn’t always easy to drag myself to the gym late at night. Thankfully, Kristyn is only one text message away, and can usually talk me into getting my butt to the gym!

The biggest difference in my life would be how strong and confident I feel. Recently, this past Summer in Japan, I accomplished my first major hike straight up to the peak of a mountain. The hike took approximately an hour and a half at a almost completely vertical incline. I know that thanks to Kristyn, and all of the endurance training that comes with kickboxing, I was able to both mentally as well as physically conquer that mountain!

Have I reached my goal? Thinking back to what I had envisioned for myself coming from this whole kickboxing/fitness journey, I am definitely coming close to that image! I never had a set goal weight or specificBMI in mind, because I honestly hate numbers, to me it’s more about what I see looking back at me in the mirror, and most importantly how comfortable I am feeling in my own skin!

I think what makes Kristyn stand out so much as a trainer is her love for what she does and the energy that she puts into training. I usually take the 8:30PM kickboxing class, or the 8:00PM strength/circuit classes and even after teaching countless classes, her energy level is still as strong as ever! I definitely believe that motivational words of encouragement while working out is needed to keep pushing during those moments when you mentally want to give up, and she always delivers during those crucial, and painful times! 


Tiffany H. 

I chose Kristyn to be my trainer, because I was always happy with the workouts she compiled during her kickboxing classes. She always has a good attitude, and she knows when to back off and when to push us during class. After working out consistently for a long period of time, I saw my body plateau, and that’s when I reached out to Kristyn for personal training. I worked with her for 6 weeks and was very pleased with the results. My goals before I started training with Kristyn were to lose fat from problem areas (stomach) and gain muscle for some arm and leg definition. Kristyn knew exactly how to target my goals, and I saw progress every week. Diet was definitely my biggest challenge, and Kristyn was encouraging and always available to talk about what I should or shouldn’t be eating. Overall, training with Kristyn showed me that I can achieve my goals if I work hard and set my mind to it. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been after training with her, and I would definitely recommend it.


Alissa H. - Simply the BEST! 

From my first session with Kristyn, I knew that she was going to push me to a new level of fitness - and she absolutely has. Her workouts are fun, she is incredibly motivating, and I saw results almost immediately. She is also aware of my limitations as a result of prior injuries (and my age), yet she finds a way to work around them so I never feel as though I am "taking it easy." I see my body changing before my eyes, as do my family and friends. I am getting leaner and feel better than ever about my physique. I am so happy to have Kristyn as my trainer and have already recommended her to others!!


Lexi S. - The worlds best trainer/human <3

Working with Kristyn was all out amazing. I would get lazy here and there and she would push me til the finish line because she knew I can do it. She's extremely positive, motivational, and can talk you into any kind of work out she believes you can accomplish. I achieved all the results I was looking for when training with her such as, loose a little belly fat (from beer) and shredding some inches. I didn't expect her to be so open minded about things/life in general which is an amazing characteristic about her because when I would be feeling down she would pick me back up right always. My biggest accomplishment I faced was keeping consistency and she helped me remain consistent to this day. My life is different now because if I do catch myself getting the smallest bit of lazy I literally go on Kristyn's instagram and watch her health journey and that's what makes me get out of bed and make something out of myself. I'm most proud that I've met her because I never knew there was someone out there that can push and help me into changing my lifestyle like she has. She's more than a trainer she's an extremely inspirational friend and I love her❤️❤️❤️ I 100% recommend her as a personal trainer if you need help and don't seek hers you are missing out.


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